Who gets it?

Although it is ideal for our younger patients who are beginning to think about pre-rejuvenation and their long-term skincare, it is also a fantastic treatment for anyone looking to freshen up and revitalize their skin’s appearance with zero-to-little downtime.

– This facial procedure is safe for all skin types, but as with any laser treatment, those with a darker skin type may be advised about the laser strength for their treatment


– It’s safe for use on any skin type and can be performed year-round
– It is quick and gentle, requiring minimal-to-no recovery time. It can even be performed during your lunchtime!
– It will refine your skin texture and tone
– It’s perfect for anyone who would like to extend the results of some of the more aggressive laser treatments

What is it?

– Using the newest, non-ablative (doesn’t remove body tissue) fractionated laser on the market, energy is delivered just below the skin’s surface, creating thousands of
micro-channels that will stimulate collagen to produce tighter, firmer skin

– Since the laser is fractionated, the small targeted area penetrates deep into the skin without harming the outer layers, promoting new cell growth and the reduction of unwanted pigment.


After the treatment, your skin can appear pink and feel warm to the touch, similar to how a sunburn would feel

– Over the next few days, the treated skin cells will begin to shed off (much like a sunburn), and you may feel some temporary roughness. After about five days, you will notice your healthier, firmer, and fresher skin


As needed


MOXI $650